Matterz Interview: Tenaj

Two months after our last interview Tenaj is back with another club banger and is ready to make you dance like there is no tomorrow.  Let's see what's new is happening in her life.

1)        Hi Tenaj. How have you been?
I am good thanks. I’m in a very busy and productive period. :)

2)        Back on Matterz and you have some great news to share with your fans. Let us know about your new single. Party Without You! What’s the story behind the track? 
Yes, I’m back. I have been working a lot to come with some new great music. Party Without You was inspired by Don Diablo’s song survive. I love that song as well Emeli Sande’s acoustic Version. I wanted a song which I could perform acoustically as well as in the clubs. The lyrics where created by Myah Marie and produced by Wolvo. 

3)        How was the recording and writing process?

It was good and smooth.  

4)        Well-known producer Wolvo is behind the slick production of the track. How are you feeling about it?  

Yes, I’m blessed to had the chance to work with Wolvo. He’s a great producer. I just let him do his thing. 

5)        Any plans for a music video soon?

Yes, it’s all coming.

6)        What’s the differences on ‘Party Without You’ and ‘Be As I Am Metamorphosis’?
Party Without You has more of a Pop feel. Be as I Am is more Future House. 

7)        Who are your favourite artists/ producers that you would like to collaborate with them soon and why? 
At the moment I would like to collaborate with Nervo. I think they are great. 

8)        Are you planning a club tour this year or a new single release?
My live show performance will be available on YouTube November 1st and definitely in the works. New music will be coming in January. This year, I will release the music video for Party Without You. 

9)        Do you have a special message for your fans? 
I have much more music to come for you guys to come. Stay tuned.

10)    Tenaj thank you very much for the interview.
Thank you for having me. 

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