Exclusive Interview!! Gorgeous pop/dance singer/songwriter speaks to Matterz

1) Hey Nikitta, thanks for speaking to Matterz. You have a new single out! Can you tell us about it?
Hello, Yes i do :) It is called 'Dance In The Night' It is an uplifting song, Makes you Happy and i feel the release date was at the right time People need Happy / Positive songs in their life right now. I hope it has made a few people smile.

2) How did you first get into music?
'Celin Dion' was always played in my home and i just remeber singing along and always performing her songs to my mum and her friends. Singing was always my happy place and i just knew i wanted to be a Musician.

3) What were the greatest challenges you've overcome as an artist?
Learning to stay true to what Music i love Singing & Writing. In the Music industry many opinions are presented to you and they can have lasting effects if you allow them but i have overcome this and iv learned they are just other peoples Opinions.

4) You've moved out of London now - what is the Manchester music scene like? Do you miss London?
I do miss London alot and the vibe, I have so many fond memories there but i needed to be closer to family and they lived in Mnachester. Manchester has a really cool Music scene also - So it works out best being here doing Music and being close to family win win.

5) You have a little boy! What's it like being a mum as well as an artist and business woman?
I love it! Is it easy?! No - Would i change it?! No - Im just trying to balance it all and to be honest im still learning, Even now there is days i think i have it all together then something pops up and it makes me realise i actually dont. I probably wing most of it to be honest lol.

6) Is there any advice you'd like to give to any up and coming artists? 
Go for it! Dont let peoples doubt reflect your journey. One thing i have learned during the Pandemic is life is so so short. Now im just doing what i truly love my heart feels content. We are here for a good time not a long time.

7) What are your plans for the future?
I will release my second single soon and keep doing what i absolutely love. I would like to write for other artists too.

8) How can people find out more about you?

I am on most social platforms - Facebook / Instagram / Soundcloud / Twitter / YouTube. All under the user name as: NikittaMusic.
Pop over and say hello. 🙂