Matterz Interview: Vina Rose

Italians do it better! We had an amazing conversation with this lovely singer/songwriter Vina Rose. Her debut single 'Breathe Again' is your summer anthem and the new acoustic version of this track is ready to tease your senses. Get ready for a very interesting interview!

 Hi, I am quite good thanks, I've been working hard and enjoying the journey at the same time.

 2)    I assume that you are super busy with the promo campaign of your recent single ‘Breathe Again’. Could you describe a typical day of you?

 I am very busy indeed. In a typical day after a quick breakfast, I start with some admin (checking emails, answering to phone calls, contacting people) and I listen to some music, or work on new ideas, do some research and plan my meetings followed by some stretching and then I go for my workout in the afternoon, and when I am not out for photo shootings or gigs, I come back home, having a nice dinner and finishing the day watching a movie or documentary on Netflix :)

4)    You come from Italy and have collaborated with well-established artists and significant TV shows in your country. What’s the challenges of an international career and how do you deal with them?

        When I moved to London the main challenge was that I needed to start from scratch again, and some people back in Italy didn't understand my choice of leaving the country where I had already established myself to move onto a place where no one ever heard about me. Eventually, I learned how to deal with that and I pushed myself to get through that uncomfortable zone, becoming more focused on building my name as an artist.

       The language barrier then was another challenge, especially for some Italian people that are not very fluent with the English language, and they asked me quite a few times to translate posts on social media for them not to feel excluded from me (although that didn’t happen too often luckily :)) that reminded me to take care of my existing fan base in Italy as well as new followers that hopefully will come during the journey.

       Those big professional experiences taught me a lot, but at the same time, they were limiting my own creativity  in a way on a personal level, that's why I felt like I needed to make a change and find the voice to express myself even more, and that's why I moved over here.

 Listen to the original mix on Spotify | Lyric Video

5)    You recently released your new single ‘Breathe Again’. What is the story behind the song? How was the recording process?

Breathe Again is a song of resilience describing the need to overcome fears and insecurities and to transform those into the inner strength and self-confidence. Basically, when I wrote the song, I wasn’t in a satisfactory phase in my life, I was feeling stuck and frustrated, and I eventually found the strength and determination to move onto better days, and to be able to "Breathe Again ".

The recording process was spread over a few months, cause I recorded the vocals in two different studios at separate times, due to the fact that we changed  the arrangement, so I needed to feel more secure that I can communicate the lyrics with the audience, but all the process was extremely exciting and I was very glad of the outcome.

6)    What do you find inspiring when you are writing your songs?

I usually find inspiration from everyday life views, situations, feelings eg family dynamics, betrayal, challenging circumstances, defiance, etc. Most of the time I start from a personal experience that happened to me or to my immediate circle of loved ones.

7)    I am amazed at your new music video.  Could you talk for the filming process and share with us some behind-the-scenes funny stories?

The music video was the result of months of preparation where I worked with a team of creative people to transform my vision into reality. The actual filming process took me around 4,5 hours, which if you think about, it is quite impressive, considering all the prep, clothing changes, and singing and dancing performance involved.

For that day I bought so much food for everybody and in the end I asked the camera crew and dancers to take it home (I remembered they said: "oh wow we can see you're Italian, we never saw so much food on set" :)).

8)    A few days ago, Band Vault TV posted an acoustic version of ‘Breathe Again’. I loved it. Simple and uplifting at the same time. How did you feel when you were rehearsing and then when you were performing the new version of the song?

Thank you, I appreciate you like it. About the acoustic version, I felt great when I was rehearsing it, also because when I wrote “Breathe Again”, I had a different vibe and a slower tempo than the actual one, and also I’ve had already the opportunity to perform it live in acoustic on a couple of gigs, so that was quite a natural process to me.

9)    Who are your favourite artists? How do you incorporate their work in your sound and performance?

Michael Jackson, Sia, Dido, Joni Mitchell, Adele, Lianne La Havas, Incognito, Lauryn Hill, Emeli Sande, but the list could go on and on….

I love to work with interesting and unpredictable melodies, sparse instrumentations and ambient sounds and pulsating hypnotic rhythms with a modern sound, but most of all for me is really important to write deep, emotive, meaningful and powerful lyrics, and to create a sort of cinematic experience, that is what defines a great song and what makes a connection with the audience. Most of my favourite artists I mentioned above inspired me with their strong and explosive personality, and I would like to associate myself to that kind of artistry because it is similar to my own personality.

10)Any plans to go on tour in the UK this year? What about an album release?

I'm thinking to go on tour at some point anytime soon, cause I really love to perform live, but right now I'm starting to work on my next release, which is most likely going to be an EP.

11)Do you have a special message for your fans?

Don’t try to please everybody, smile often, be kind, love at your fullest and be your own original.

12)Vina thank you very much for the interview.

Thank you very much for having me, it was a pleasure talking to you.

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