Matterz Interview: Dwyn

Dwyn's upcoming album "Can't Have It All" is set to be released this February. We got to know more about the comeback and what's in store for the UK based performer.

How would you describe your music?
Quite abstract… As an MC I started writing grime music, I began songwriting shortly after mainly writing soulful music as I grew up in the R&B era. I have compiled both to create my own sound, adopting techniques from my favorite artists.

What is the vibe and the style of your music that you aim for?
I like catchy music, I would hope that my songs can be felt rather than just heard. I try to keep an easy listening vibe so that my music can be appreciated by a wider demographic.

Why is the album called “Can’t Have It All”?
Initially, this was a 5 track EP with songs such as ‘She Don’t’ & ‘Pressure’ – my common disposition in past relationships – wanting to have my cake and to eat it. Myself and Classiq Beats found it hard to whittle down the track list to 5 and so the project was extending to a 10 track mixtape.

What is the inspiration behind the album?
Relationships, trials and tribulations. Women.

What will be the first single?
Cocoa Butter.

What was your previous career in music as this will be your comeback?
I was part of a group called ‘Black Biscuit’ and we made music together in school – highlights being number one video on MTV Base, a Luminar UK tour, featured on Flava TV, and much more.

What do you plan to achieve with your return in the music scene?
I enjoy music, I would like to be a radio artist so I can continue with my other stuff!

Which musician, producer, or composer has had the most impact in your music style?
Loads, love a bit of Drake.

What are your hobbies and interests outside music?
I am a huge on wellbeing and fitness, nothing better than a dynamic work out! Also, on the way to veganism although I’ve just started eating chicken again. I’ve worked in finance and banking for the past 5 years, so… macroeconomics/trading is something that I engage in regularly.

Are there any upcoming events, projects, or news to look forward to besides the album?
I’m working on a new project entitled ‘Spell it Right’.

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