Matterz Interview: Rae Stewart

1.            Hi, Rae! Welcome to MATTERZ. You recently released the EP ‘Hear Me’, what is the story behind this release?

It's basically an introduction of my voice and also a chance for me to play around be versatile have different sounds.

2.            You have released music in the past, how does ‘Hear Me’ differ from your previous releases?

I really spent my time developing my writing and confidence. I am definitely not there, I am still learning, still battling with my confidence but the difference is ain't stopping this time.

3.            You also recently released a video for ‘Dangerous’, one of the songs on your EP. What was the inspiration behind the set and feel for the video?

It's a follow up from my song 'fake love' the women's just got to a point where shes done with her exes behaviour the negative energy he comes with is draining and enough is enough he's gotta keep it moving.

4.            You worked with Triple B and Manze on this release. How did you meet them and what has that experience been like?

We met through my manager J and anytime I am in the studio with either of them it's laughs joke but we also get to work and just create art they become like family.

5.            How did your time in the group Venus help inspire your sound now?

I was quite young then and didn't take it seriously, I was not confident at all in the studio and we just grew apart.

6.            What first got you interested in music?

I've grown up in music. My mother, sisters, brother always were singing and dancing. My older sister had a song out in the 80's, my uncle had music studios. Music was always there. It's only the last couple of years that I told myself that I have to try at least, even if the things went wrong. Just to know that I did it. I made music.

7.            Many musical influences can be heard in your music. Who are some of your favourite influences and how have they impacted your music?

The sounds of Lauren Hill, Teedra Moses, Swv Jhene Aiko, Prince. There are too many, seriously, they all just influenced me to sing. My real pain love happiness etc.

8.            Do you have any plans for a tour or special events this summer?

Just to get more music out, keep working in a few shows that are coming up and just gotta keep a look out on my socials.

9.            Do you have a special message for your fans?

Don't waste time wanting to be approved by others. No one is perfect and everyone goes through good and bad situations. Live your life to the fullest because time waits for no one.

10.         Thank you so much for your time, Rae

No thank you !!

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